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Poppy Is a 4 year old working cocker spaniel who’s life started on a farm in Hartlepool. Although she is technically a ‘working’ dog she spends her days wanting cuddles and treats and is known as the ‘eternal puppy’ in our household.

Kaya is a 6 year old Shar-Pei who is part sloth as she sleeps 18 hours of each day. Although she is an independent dog by nature she is 100% for her owners and as long as she is with them she is happy and relaxed. Kaya is an unusual breed and is an acquired taste what makes her more unique is that she suffers from a form of ‘hay fever’ which causes excessive itching, hair loss and bruising to the skin she has undergone various treatments without success but still remains the most loving natured dog ever!

The last three images of Kaya were taken five days before she crossed the rainbow bridge.