Artist Bio: Burnt Moon



Burnt Moon is a photographer based on the North east coast. Having discovered a passion for photography as a teenager it has remained a natural creative outlet in all aspects of their life ever since. 


From being an environmental activist in the 1970’s their photography has been heavily influenced by their academic background, combining the disciplines of ecology, education and outdoor pursuits within their artistic practice.This was born from a desire to show people the beauty, light and colour in the natural world around them in the hope that they might appreciate and conserve it more. 

A love of the outdoors led initially to a career as an ecologist and later as an outdoor pursuits instructor and expedition leader followed by a 20 year teaching career. All of which have provided a vast range of photographic opportunities.

Originally a film and darkroom photographer the transition to digital was a natural one allowing more scope for experimentation and artistic development. 

The knowledge and experience developed over the many years is being shared with others, promoting and nurturing a passion and enthusiasm for photography and in healing a broken planet.                                                                                       
The current work of Burntmoon shows not only a wealth of experience but also the continual development of a lifelong creative process. Their photographs show the beauty of the world around us, as well images that live and lurk in our imagination; both radiant and dark.  Since a diagnosis of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 Burnt has fought hard to live a full and creative life. Any purchases of their work will greatly assist them in achieving this. 







I will seek consent from people who feature in my photographs, and will endeavour to keep them informed about where their image is seen. When I communicate I will remember that the meaning of my communication is the message received.


I would like my photography to have a positive impact on the planet and it’s occupants. I will contemplate any negative impacts my work may have and refine anything I identify. I recognise that photography is powerful, and I do my best to use that power responsibly.


I work to mitigate the environmental impact of my practice. I do this by considering the ecological ramifications of my decisions; not just in photography but in the way I live my life in general.


I will have the humility to respond to my mistakes with vulnerability and compassion. I recognise that my ethical practice is an on-going process of reflection and development. I will endeavour to remember that ‘my map is not the territory’.


I will help people to connect with the environment and nature by portraying in an artistic way that will demonstrate why the planet is worth saving by being more environmentally aware in our daily lives.


To try to create artistic visual artistry that represents hidden illnesses in an empathetic and complimentary way that may relate to and empower those carrying such a burden.