Emily Shaw(non-registered)
Absolutely love all you photography, photos are great. You're very talented!
Dahlian Kirby(non-registered)
I really love the photos of Meg. I can't wait for you to take some more she has already grown.
Gill O'Donnell(non-registered)
Fabulous pictures and not an easy task when Chloe wouldn't come out of the water! You've captured some really amazing shots.
Liesha ( Erotika)(non-registered)
Hello long time stranger a very long time indeed I felt the impulse to go to your website today and pick up on some good memories but alas I am no longer on site. We did have a good shoot though didn't we if you can remember. I will never forget it especially when I slipped on mud leading to waterfall where we got some beautiful shots and then onto Musgrave Castle. Hope.you are doing OK.Moon. Maybe you can search through some old photoshoots. Wonderful time
Carole fox(non-registered)
Just had a look at your website the photos of Daisy are beautiful (brown collie) can't wait to show hubby tonight had a look at your website all your photos are brilliant xx
Nicola Rowling on 13-Oct-13 17:52:

These images are awesome, I really love all the photos thank you so much xx
Just been looking at a slide show of your images, absolutely loved them and loved the song to go with it, seeing your photos has made my day a better one. I wish I could take photos like this, keep up the good work.
Some great images, always loved B/W and toned images.
Look forward to seeing you again.
These entries have been transferred from the old web site which is why they appear as one entry. Many thanks to those of you who have given feedback so far; it's much appreciated.

Hi Moony just want to thank you for a fabulous photoshoot experience - what a day!!! We loved it so much and are so pleased you were able to accomodate us. We are truly grateful for the memories you were able to allow us to hold.
Thanks so much again x
Simone Andrew & Bump

hi bro,
good pics, like the ones of whitby and the rainbow and the sunset ones best xx

After regular visits of the site I have only just read your articles that describe your adventures. I'm really impressed. A book to follow perhaps?
Johnathon Gallagher

great photos. Nice work.Enjoyed your site! Thanx

Good pics there moony, will certainly get the western shoot sorted later on in the year :) well done . Patrick

Great pictures all round moon, you are truly a dark horse!
rob burr

Just had to drop a line to say i totally enjoyed the shoot, although it was freezing it was a great experience and cant wait to work with you again soon! :D xx

I like the layout and look of the website. Its changed since i was last on. Bob
Bob brown

Thank you
Nikita and myself had a wonderful time and I think thats reflected in the beautiful pictures.

great site, especially the pics in the yorkshire and cleveland section.your models and the different settings, wonderfully different

Hi Moony,its me, Keith. Excellent site I have loved what I have seen so far. I have always loved your photography and I am glad you have decided to share it at long last.
Good luck m8 and it's your round next!
Keith X

Great pictures and quite creative! Too bad I live so far away that I can't join in.

I am a big fan of your stuff, your models are something a little different, and you have captured them really well.
Well done mate, gr8 stuff

Had a chance to look at your website - honestly, I can see why you've had so much recognition for your work: you're extremely talented. You must be very proud of your achievements and all the travelling you've done. What a life!!
I loved all the landscape shots - many of which had incredible atmosphere you could imagine reaching out and "being there". The more visually striking shots were of course the manipulated images. Very interesting; eye-catching and imaginative.
Leila xx

beautiful lanscapes and beautiful models. Shoot me!
Angel x

Impresive site Mooney some quality arty shots in their! Keep it up

Impressed by quality of alot of your shots, models and scenery!(particularly the trees!!),enjoyed your articles and feel there is a lot more to you than initially meets the eye. Very impressed you are letting people get closer to you through your photography and articles. Respect is due. But what the ++++ is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming!!!!
simon lee

Totally enjoyed the shoot! was great fun and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! would love to do it again :-) xx

wow loved the boobs and the dagger shots of Lynsey, especially the one with the red lips.
and the handcuffs pic how cute!!

love the model pics! nice to get away from the "britney" look!

Stunningly gorgeous! your landscapes gave me goosebumps especially the Sunset and Thirlmere, always loved the Lakes and this captured one of them perfectly.

hey moony interesting set of photo's you got going there, hope you well.
john goddard

Wow is the word! What art! Fantastic models taken in fantastic surroundings you have captured them perfectly. Found your site through Lucy on My Space and what can i say. You should do a shoot in Richmond... Castle, Abbey and Falls would all be perfect backdrops for your stunning photography. keep up the good work will keep popping back to see how its coming along
Paul... In Richmond N Yorks
Paul Cooper

Hi Moony, Nice new design on your site. Great photography of lanscapes, wild life and models.
You have a given talent :)
I am absolutely astounded at the shoot we did:)
I enjoy working with you as you are so layed back making others feel comfortable in your presence yet extremely professional at the same time.
I enjoy modelling and now being a Burnt Moon girl and I look forward to working with you again:)

With Peace and Love
Blessed Be

Hey! What can I say to sum up this website its "nice".... only joking its very impressive esp the vibrate sky in some of the landscape shots and Lucy in the ivy. Jules xx

I would like to say your photography is amazing and I look forward to you shooting me soon.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Lady_Erotica XXX
Samalieshe Lavida

Hi Moony,
I love the landscape of Thirlmere it is simply breathtaking!!!! Good work you have a real talent!!

Hey got the link to your site from a friend whos modelled for you! Got to say very impressive work fella!

I love the shoot of lucy especially. I think the poses & scenery look amazing. You did a great job!

Oh wow!!!! Can't believe I didn't know about this side of you until today!!! You kept that one quiet. As an avid sunset fan, I am totally in love with the Marske sunset!!! Your photos are beautiful!

Hmm, they're quite good actually (note tongue very firmly in cheek - they're VERY good).

Gotta say my friend this site is amazing!!!

Your a dark horse Moony.

Some fantastic pics going on there moony, like i said the offers there!
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