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To hopefully answer some questions that may come up regarding collaborative/TF shoots with me, the following gives a summary of my normal qshoot arrangements. Of course , as with everything else in life, these things are open to discussion, but this is how I normally work on collaborative shoots.
As far as I am concerned, TF shoots are a collaborative venture. That means that I am always happy for models to input ideas and suggestions into shoots rather than just me dictating the theme, content and progress of a shoot.
I shoot image styles across the board from lifestyle/fashion/historical through to the very occasional fine art nude/erotic (normally at model request for their portfolios) although I draw the line at adult styles I'm afraid. Most of my photoshoots nowadays are themed with book covers in mind but I will always ensure that we capture the images your want as well. As part of our pre-shoot communication I will need to have an idea of your style/limits which I guarantee I will keep within during our shoot and will at no time try to persuade you to do something that you are in any way uncomfortable with. During our shoot I will check regularly that you are comfortable with poses, etc but will expect you to sing out if, at any point, you are uncomfortable in any way.
The number of images that make it through my selection and initial editing process will vary from shoot to shoot and will depend on the amount of time we spend actually shooting (taking into account location changes, outfit changes, disruptions, etc) and, obviously, how the shoot itself progresses.
After a shoot I will go through the images we got and do a review to weed out the duplicates and ones that didn't come up to scratch. I'll do an initial edit on these images and then upload them to a password-protected gallery on my website. Only you and I will have the access code to that gallery and you select which images you would like. The ones you select I will do a full edit and retouch on. I don't set a limit on the number you select (within reason as they do take me a finite time to process). I will send the low resolution versions (1000px on the long edge - suits Facebook and Instagram portfolios, for example) by email and high resolution versions you could print from via Dropbox.
While I go through the initial edit process I always get side-tracked by images that catch my eye and I fully process and retouch some images straight away. These I will get to across to you in low resolution form as I do them. So you will see fully edited images from our shoot normally with 24 hours of the shoot.
I normally take about 2 weeks to get the full set of your selected and finished images back to you.
Copyright – there always seems to be some confusion about this. To be absolutely clear - the photographer owns the copyright to an image irrespective of who or what is in that image. The only exception to this is if the photographer takes the image as part of their normal employment – I am not employed to take photographs, so I own copyright to ALL of my images. For more information please check this official government link
I will only agree to a TF/collaborative shoot on the basis that you sign a Model Release, a copy of which is attached below. I'm afraid I make no exceptions to this. In return I will provide you with an Image license granting you rights to use the images I give you for your portfolio and promotional purposes, etc. A copy of the Image License I use is also attached below.
I never, without exception, provide all images from a shoot. I reject a large proportion of images from a shoot for any number of reasons including exposure, focusing, composition, or even if I don't like them. I also do not provide un-edited images from the shoot so you or someone else can edit them for you. If you don’t like how I have edited your shots then please let me know, but you do not have my permission to re-edit or re-crop the finished images yourself or ask someone else to. A major element of my style of photography is how I edit and post-process images. If you don’t like my image processing and editing style then maybe I am not the right photographer for you to work with.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I hope that these notes and guidance information are helpful.

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